Trial Counsel

Patent cases are complex and require experienced Trial Counsel with specialized legal and technical expertise.

As Trial Counsel, we are responsible for all aspects related to the litigation proceedings of your case. We will assemble, direct, and supervise a trial team that may include co-counsel and outside consultants. We also manage the trial preparation process, including but not limited to: conducting discovery, leading witness preparation, developing trial themes and demonstratives, and managing all associated court filings and administration.

Everything we do from the moment we become trial counsel is in preparation for the day we stand and deliver our client’s case to the judge and jury. To ensure that this process is as expeditious as possible for our clients, it is vital that we quickly assess and establish a litigation strategy that aligns with their business objectives.

While we are ideally suited to serve as lead trial counsel from the onset of a case through the final appeal, we also are equipped to enter a case in the late stages, including on the eve of trial. If your case is going to trial and you would like to strengthen your trial team with experienced litigators who are comfortable on their feet and effective in the courtroom, we can help.