SpencePC Prepares Unique VR Technology Tutorial for District Court

SpencePC Prepares Unique VR Technology Tutorial for District CourtIn a currently pending case for one of its clients concerning technology for capturing 360-degree and virtual-reality video, SpencePC attorney Brian Beck prepared and submitted to the United States District Court for the District of Delaware a one-of-a-kind technology tutorial video filmed for VR display. Judges in the District of Delaware often request that, in a patent litigation, the parties prepare and submit a video explaining the technology at issue in the case. Often, attorneys prepare a simple Powerpoint presentation with an attorney voiceover.

In this case, however, based on SpencePC’s attorneys’ experience using our client’s technology and related VR systems, SpencePC was determined to show the judge the value of our client’s patented technology rather than merely talking about it. SpencePC thus, using the client’s VR camera product and software, prepared an innovative VR tutorial combining VR video of legal discussion of the patent-in-suit with VR videos taken by the client demonstrating and explaining how the technology works. In this particular field, our attorneys discovered that it was very difficult to understand the value of VR technology without personally experiencing it, and so SpencePC was committed to making sure the judge would be able to experience and better understand VR. This project demonstrated the value SpencePC brings to its client through its knowledge of technology, its willingness to innovate, and its commitment to meeting its clients’ needs.