Brand Enforcement at SpencePC

We at SpencePC understand how important brand protection can be for any company. It is a devastating feeling to devote time and energy into building and protecting a brand only to see it infringed by competitors or counterfeiters. Trademark infringement and counterfeit goods present significant and growing challenges for brand owners in the increasingly global economy. To combat these challenges, SpencePC maintains a contingency trademark enforcement practice that allows its customers to turn the cost of brand enforcement into a new revenue stream.

Enforcement is key to maintaining trademark protection. Traditionally, enforcement used to require that companies invest significant money in the enforcement activities (or risk the loss of protection), but our enforcement procedure is designed instead to derive revenue for our clients through alternative fee arrangements and our strong partnerships with key brand enforcement firms who leverage proprietary technology to identify potential infringers who are selling through online channels. Most clients find that this program is a useful way to supplement their in-house brand protection and enforcement processes–while also bringing in additional revenue to the department.

If you’d like to learn more about SpencePC’s Brand Enforcement Practice, please contact SpencePC attorney, Meghan Nugent to discuss your brand enforcement needs.