SpencePC is Partnering with Lex Machina

SpencePC partners with Lex Machina

By partnering with cutting-edge analytics services such as Lex Machina and others, SpencePC offers a proprietary approach to early-case assessment which combines our experience as litigators with cutting-edge data analytics, an approach we continually update as we acquire new data. To that end, please let us know if you wish to receive an example complimentary copy of SpencePC’s Preliminary Litigation Strategy Report (our “SPLS Report”), including customized litigation analytics and insight based on a variety of proprietary factors. These factors take into account the unique characteristics of the litigation such as subject matter, opposing counsel, court, judge, and recent litigation outcomes. With our SPLS Report, you can be assured of high quality, data-driven solutions to litigation problems that take the guesswork out of strategic decisions.