Learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is changing the playing field for legal professionals.

Join us on July 18th at noon a free lunch and CLE as Jay Leib (Founder and CEO) and Chip Delany of NexLP talk about discovery issues within the legal field and how AI can help.

They will present NexLP’s AI software Story EngineTM – Story Engine has been independently tested and academically vetted as the most highest performing artificial intelligence engine.

  • Image Classification – ID images, schematics, patents, signatures, and company logos. Also, has facial recognition capabilities.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Sentiment and fraud detection: ID negative and positive toned documents, code words, and pressure/opportunity/rationalization comments for fraud detection.
  • Behavioral Intelligence & Social Network Analysis – Who is talking to who and when? Who is talking about someone? Identifies analogous communication behavior.
  • NER (Name Entity Recognition) – Alias, misspellings, maiden names, nick-names, all job titles, business acronyms revealed, etc.
  • Foreign Language Capabilities – Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Tagalog, and in spring 2018 will have CMJ (Chinese, Mandarin, & Japanese) and 270 other languages.

Efficiency, risk mitigation, and dramatically shortening the time and cost of human review is significant with Story Engine.