How counterfeiting, piracy, and imitation of copyright materials hurts global business

Counterfeiting is a rapidly growing global threat to businesses and consumers. The trade of copyright movies, computer programs, music, or even counterfeit iPhones 6 from China hurt global trade. In some cases fake orcounterfeit items are harmful to consumer health and safety.  The world of fakes don’t only harm modern technology sectors, the art world was ripped off for millions of dollars because of single a con artist painter.

More consumers remain unaware that counterfeiting and piracy of intellectual property can pose a risk to themselves and their families. Even consumers who know about piracy are at risk. Every day another person gets ripped off on craigslist and buys a knock-off at retail prices. It’s difficult to identify a fake in a line up. Take a look at the video of a Youtuber DarGadgetZ who got ripped off when he purchased his iPhone 6s. Watch the video below and tell us if you could spot the fake. Tell us in the comment section. This YouTube tech expert unboxes the latest technology every day and even he was fooled. Counterfeiters will go to any lengths to produce a convincing clone of copyrighted and patented designs.

How do I fight fakes as a business owner?

It can be difficult for a brand or patent owner to know where to begin when dealing with piracy, counterfeiting, or trade in fakes.  Global online marketplaces with thousands of vendors producing millions of goods, some of which have produced counterfeits can be hard to track.

As a brand owner, if you know your Intellectual Property rights, such as trademarks, patents, designs, and copyrighted materials you are in a great position to fight fakes. You have a right to your IP, although, to enforce said rights in a way that is not financially burdensome will require planning. Check out the common questions you should ask yourself before pursuing a counterfeiter.

  • Which product or IP is most at risk of counterfeiting
  • Which territory is the most important for your business?
  • How do fakes of your property enter the country?

Answer these questions to find opportunities and vulnerabilities as a brand owner of IP that is being hurt by trade in fakes. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you plan your next move with an IP law office like SpencePC. If you have any questions are are looking for legal aid please call us at 1 312 404 8882.