Five ways to Research your Keywords for a Patent Search

While we recommend hiring a professional to undertake researching existing patents, some entrepreneurs and inventors choose to handle the patent search process on their own. The United States Patent and Trademark office (PTO) has created digital, physical and online databases to aid the public in the search for patents. If you’re just starting your first patent search then you should definitely check out these seven tips from the PTO.

Be sure to read our list of the 5 ways to research your keywords before you begin your first patent search. This blog post is designed for companies or individuals looking to understand the process of patent searches. For details on SpencePC’s related services click here to check out our practice areas. To contact our intellectual property attorneys or to learn more about their background in your field, click here.

How to Research Your Keywords Before your Patent Search

  1. Your patent will need keywords to describe the purpose of your invention. Having relevant keywords that clearly define your invention will go a long way in the patent search process.
  2. You should begin by coming up with phrases and terms that best describe you invention. Start by writing a short description of the invention. You will want to avoid broad terms and stick to technical and descriptive phrases.
  3. Ask yourself what the purpose of the invention is. Is it a product or a process? What materials make up your product? Describe the physical attributes and how it’s used.
  4. If you don’t know what terms to use in your description you should check out a technical dictionary
  5. Remember to include the Purpose, Invention, Components of the invention, and how the invention is used.

Once you’ve finished creating the description for your invention, you should head over to the PTO’s website and search through their database of registered patents. Click here to check out the Patent Office’s full text and image database.

There are many steps that an inventor must take to know that their patent is unique. A quick search won’t be enough to protect your idea. To learn more about patent searches, call SpencePC at +1 312 404 8882 or check out our website at